The R2L Coaching and Facilitator Opportunity

We believe that professional coaches and leadership facilitators can spread the impact of great leadership and help spur our growth together.  That’s why we’ve created a structure for certified coaches and experienced facilitators to help in the delivery of R2L programs (through coaching and/or facilitation) and share in the revenues generated by the R2L leadership programs.


The Opportunity

Here’s how it works:
1. Let’s say you have a client organization whose team could benefit from a well-researched leadership program Perhaps they’ve expressed a desire to enhance the effectiveness of their management team. You want to help but don’t have all of the resources you’d like to deliver a really powerful program>
2. Contact us and we will partner with you to craft a customized approach for this client, based on their situation and objectives. You will earn a share of the program revenues because you connected R2L with your client.
3. We can partner together based on the needs of the client and your skillset. If you are a facilitator, you can very possibly deliver our classroom material If you’re a certified coach, you might be able to deliver to coaching component of the program.
Together, we all win. The client receives terrific leadership development, you deliver some of the program and earn a fair return on your time and expertise and word of R2L’s effective leadership program spreads throughout the land.
To learn more or discuss ideas you have, please contact us.