How It Works

Running a business takes everything you have, and you don\'t need one more complication. We make it easy for you and your team to enroll and participate in our leadership development program.


1. Tell us about your business

The program is engineered to significantly boost your team\'s ability to lead and perform at a high level. We start by learning all about who you are as a business.

One problem we see with traditional leadership training programs is that they try to force everyone into the exact same round hole. But what's right for another person might not produce any results for another. Your team members might be suffering from Unbridled Irrational Arrogance, or Unnecessary Insecurity (aka "imposter syndrome"), in a variety of unique and delightful combinations! Or, your folks may just not have a lot of experience leading and inspiring people.

The most successful leaders are able to 1) be authentic (i.e., be themselves); and 2) lean into their unique strengths.

That's why we take the time to understand things like:

  • your core values
  • what makes you unique in your space
  • the experience you want to create for your customers and employees
  • how you define your key factors of success
  • what might get in the way of that success
  • how you manage your team today
  • what metrics you use to measure progress

Getting a very clear picture on these things lays the groundwork for your success in our program.


2. Build a program that fits your team

One size does not fit all! Once we have the pulse of your company's culture, we adapt our program to best serve the people who will be involved.

Rest assured, we're not starting from scratch with each of our partners. Our program draws from the evidence-based tools and frameworks that we use to teach core leadership skills. We take these and amend them to reflect your current situation and the unique nature of your business and your people.

Our approach, techniques, and frameworks are based on the latest research on leadership, team engagement, and performance from authorities such as:

  • the Gallup organization and its research on building engaged teams
  • The Marcus Buckingham Company\'s ideas around building a strengths-based organization
  • Fred Kofman\'s Conscious Business approach
  • Harvard University's "Strategic Planning: Formulation to Implementation" program

The proven tools, processes, and frameworks based on these sources have been shown to be effective at developing people into confident, inspiring leaders. We mold these around your company to suit your unique situation.


3. We train your team

What's the best way to get to Bermuda? The answer is: it depends on where you're starting from.

Taking stock of your team's strengths, goals, and challenges at the beginning gives us the data we need to track improvements over time.

How do you know if your team is making any progress? With many leadership development programs, well... you don't.

We make sure you can point to measurable improvements from start to finish.

At the outset of the program, we learn from the participants what their biggest goals and challenges are. This gives us a benchmark against which to weigh your team's progress and achievements. We also provide a strengths assessment from Marcus Buckingham, which identifies the unique strengths and gifts each person brings to his/her work.

When we're all ready to go, the program itself is delivered in small groups. The format is very interactive and participative, with plenty of room for questions and feedback.

Traditional programs take up to 4 days of your team's time. 

In an out-of-town conference. 

And then when they\'re back on the job and in the weeds, it\'s hard to remember or apply what they spent all that time learning.

Our sessions last for 2 hours, once per week, for four weeks. They're held in your office, either live in person or over Zoom video chat. This creates minimal disruption, where your team members can actually apply what they learn to their work immediately.

As iron sharpens iron, your team members share their experiences and learn from each other, through: 

  • lessons with their coach
  • masterminding challenges together
  • homework assignments
  • and discussion the following week

Because the same coach leads each session, he or she gets to know your team throughout the program. This also helps increase its effectiveness.


4. Measure the improvement

If we've done our job right, your leaders should be seeing major gains in their goals and challenges.

Not just "I think I feel better about ______." Real, quantifiable gains.

At the conclusion of the program we re-assess participants' goals and challenges, and we measure the progress they've made.

Whereas before everyone might have been: 

  • feeling a lack of confidence in dealing with people issues
  • teetering on the edge of chaos
  • quarreling and blaming each other
  • constantly making fixes, not progress

...Now you'll start to see feelings of engagement,  fulfillment and effectiveness.

A pattern of working together to overcome obstacles.

And a trajectory of progress, where your people get the opportunities they deserve to succeed in their careers, and your company exceeds financial and operational goals.

The value of our program is seeing your leaders receive significant boosts to their ability to build and lead engaged teams. To see teams accomplish more and gain a sense of fulfillment and achievement in the process. If you're not seeing that happen, let us know and we will fix it.

For even higher mastery, participants have the option of continuing on with individualized leadership coaching to address their specific challenges they encounter after the program.

What We Cover

The Ready2Lead program is designed to help leaders step into a more authentic, more effective and confident version of themselves.  It\'s not about taking on some "guru-style" of leadership; instead it\'s about leveraging your own strengths, your own unique brilliance to serve your team and the organization.

Ready2Lead: Building High Performance Teams Through Authentic Leadership

  • Definition and Impact of Engagement
  • The role of the leader:
  • Elements of Engaged Teams: Clear Vision, Understanding Contribution, Working in Strengths, Actionable and Frequent Feedback
  • Creating and sharing a compelling vision
  • Authenticity as a leadership trait

  • The value of creating "stockholders" on your team
  • The role of the leader
  • Using coaching to create ownership
  • The use of Powerful Questions to create ownership and growth

  • The StandOut© assessment
  • The science and power behind strengths
  • How to identify strengths / building strengths statements
  • Moving people toward working in their strengths
  • A strengths-based 1:1

  • Evaluating performance
  • Learn to tell the truth in a serving way
  • Being specific, authentic, and related to the work-not the person
  • The Start/Stop/Continue approach: "What I'd love to see more of is…."
  • Catching people doing things right

  • Showing up authentically as a leader
  • Situational Leadership
  • Setting intentions and staying calm
  • Wrap: setting commitments and accountability
  • Evaluation of the program

Let's get your business unstuck.