What makes Ready2Lead programs different from other leadership development or management training programs?

Ready2Lead offers a unique approach to those businesses who believe people are at the core of their success and want to accelerate their business growth by accelerating the growth of their people.

For most small, fast-growing and emerging businesses, people development is important but always seems to fall to the bottom of the list. Time, money, expertise and belief are all reasons for putting off people development. At Ready2Lead, we work to make leadership development in your organization accessible, affordable, applicable and effective.

What makes this program different? The distinction of Ready2Lead lies in its three-tiered approach to learning and growing. Our proprietary education model: Assess / Learn & Practice / Coach

The Assess / Learn & Practice / Coach (A/LP/C) model brings together four critical educational elements that ensure your team learns and grows individually and collectively. And these results add real growth to your business and culture.

The elements of A/LP/C are:

  1. Assess- Using advanced neuro-science behind understanding an individual’s interpersonal tendencies around leadership allows each Ready2Lead learner to be better prepared to show up powerfully, authentically and resourcefully. Each participant takes StandOut©, a scientifically-validated strength-based assessment which reveals how the person shows up when at her/his most powerful and resourceful; in short, the individual’s competitive edge.
  2. Learn and Practice- Through a combination of online, blended and experiential learning, the Ready2Lead program provides research-proven, real-world skills in the areas of effective communication, leadership, feedback and performance. This material is delivered in a powerful way reflecting the best ways that adults learn: through concepts, then real-world application and practice, then reflection.
  3. Coach- Following the Learn & Practice step, learners move into individual coaching which provides the opportunity to build upon the learning and put those concepts into practice at work with a certified coach.

The results are dramatic: improved individual and organizational performance, increased engagement, reduced turnover and greater fulfillment at work.

What is the difference between management training and leadership development?

Management training typically focuses on specific skills training such as a specific software, process or tool. Leadership development refers to growth in the skills around leading people and projects. Leadership development seeks to build well-rounded skills that can be leveraged across a variety of situations today and in the future. Leadership development can empower the manager to succeed when working with her team, across departments, with senior leadership and with external stakeholders.

What are the key organizational factors needed for leadership development to be effective?

We believe the critical factors to be 1) a belief in your people as a critical element toward your organization’s success and 2) a willingness to invest in the team’s leadership skills. Leadership makes a tremendous difference (probably the biggest difference) in the success of any team. By making it a priority in your organization, you can give yourself a boost toward higher levels of performance, engagement, creativity and productivity.

Can I participate in the R2L program as an individual?

Yes, individuals can enroll into the Ready2Lead programs and be part of a cohort which involves people from multiple organizations.

Who in our company will benefit most from the R2L programs?

People who lead teams of people will benefit most from the Ready2Lead programs. Our programs offer truly practical communication and leadership skills and the chance to apply that learning in real-time, in real-life situations, empowering the leader to put the learning into practice right away.

How important is it for Senior Leadership to embrace this type of learning?

Senior leadership’s support is important. When people know that their leadership support their development, they are more willing to invest in the learning, to take it seriously, and learn to apply it more effectively in meeting their team’s goals.

What is the ideal number of participants in an R2L program?

A typical Ready2Lead cohort would be six to ten participants. These can come from a single company or from multiple organizations.

Why do you include an assessment as part of your leadership development programs?

We include the StandOut© strengths assessment as an essential part of most of our programs because of our belief that we work best when we are working in our strengths. Research shows that those people working in their strengths perform at a higher level, are more resourceful, and are more engaged at work, So, the StandOut© assessment and debrief, allow the learner to understand her/his strengths and how to apply them at work.

Why is experiential learning so critical to adult learning?

Research has shown clearly that one of the ways adults learn best is to dig into a new concept and then put it into practice in a ‘hands-on’ way. Experiential learning, in this case, refers to the opportunity to put learning into practice in your work and then reflect on the results. The opportunity to put the learning into practice reinforces the learning, embeds great habits and allows for growth.

How does the post-learning coaching add value to the outcome of the R2L program?

The individualized executive coaching allows the learner to reinforce the learning, apply the learning after the program ends and focuses the learning toward the individual’s personal and professional goals. We take the lessons learned and practiced within the group and apply those in real-life situations to make the learning more lasting.

What are the business outcomes I can expect from a R2L program?

Working together, we believe Ready2Lead programs can result in improved individual and organizational performance, increased individual and team engagement, reduced turnover and a renewed energy to the culture of the business.

Will Leadership Learning improve our employee retention?

We believe it will. Many business thought leaders have asserted that people don’t leave companies as often they leave their bosses. By improving performance and engagement and communication and feedback, we can improve the connection between team member and leader, improving performance and reducing the need to look for work elsewhere.

What type of ROI can we expect from the R2L program?

The return on investment will depend on your organization’s specific situation, of course, But, working together, we believe Ready2Lead programs can result in improved individual and organizational performance, increased individual and team engagement, reduced turnover and a renewed energy to the culture of the business. Those kinds of changes can have a big impact on your revenue, your expense management, employee retention and productivity.