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Growing your business should be exhilarating. Instead, many business executives are afraid for their company's future because their managers struggle to lead people. Their teams feel inept and exhausted, and customer relationships suffer.

What drives high performance?

We get it: small business moves fast, and you have to be agile. But teams are being asked to do more and do it faster. No wonder many managers report feeling overwhelmed and unsuccessful in their work.

  • Proven, science-based techniques and models for driving effective leadership
  • All coaches certified by the International Coach Federation, the gold standard in professional coaching
  • All coaches experienced with growing highly engaged teams, resulting in more profitable and more productive operations

"With some effort, I have what it takes."

[The process] built my confidence and reaffirmed that with some effort I have what it takes. I am a more confident leader for having spent time with Ready2Lead, and I'm very grateful.
-Chuck, virtual/augmented reality executive

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Many business executives are frustrated because their teams don\'t perform as well as they are capable, and so they frequently miss their goals. We give managers in small businesses the skills and confidence to lead more effectively, so their teams meet their potential and the company hits its growth targets.

Ready2Lead offers a unique approach to Leadership Development for those businesses who believe people are at the core of their success. We call it transforming potential into performance. Your business improves because your people grow and become more fulfilled.

It's important to develop your staff, but that always seems to fall to the bottom of the list. This can be because:

  • there are other, urgent priorities that have to be addressed every day
  • you're worried you don't have the budget for formal Leadership Development
  • you might have tried Leadership Development in the past and found that you got no results

The trouble is, if your team is struggling with Unnecessary Insecurity (a.k.a. Imposter Syndrome), or with Unbridled Irrational Arrogance-it takes a toll, both on them and on your company. When your staff feels exhausted, incompetent, or inept, they can unintentionally damage customer relationships. You can't grow your business that way, and your team certainly isn't feeling fulfilled! And it can be heartbreaking for you to watch your team fighting and blaming each other over mistakes.

As a small business ourselves, Ready2Lead gets it that you're moving 90 MPH. Things change in an instant, and you and your team need to be agile. On top of that, there's no time to even do your daily work, let alone handle an intrusion like a Leadership Development program.

That's why we've developed our unique approach to LD training. We deliver our material in small, actionable units that your team can literally put to work at their desk that same day. No stodgy, theory-only training here! Our processes are built from highly-regarded and research-driven thought leaders such as:

  • the Gallup Organization
  • Marcus Buckingham Company
  • Fred Kofman
  • Harvard University

...and others.

And all of our ICF-certified coaches are experienced in growing highly engaged teams.

We also take an assessment of each person on your team before the program begins, so we know where we're starting. The value of our program is in seeing your leaders achieve significant boosts to their ability to build and lead engaged teams. And they'll be able to tell you firsthand if they're experiencing that! If they're not, you only have to let us know, and we'll fix it.

Click any of the buttons on this page to schedule a free call with our founder and tell us about your business. One size does not fit all in Leadership Development, so we work with each client to create a program that fits for your team.

You don't need to feel like you're lost in the wilderness, alone, with no options! And your team and business don't need to be teetering on the edge of chaos.

With good Leadership Development, you can feel confident and in control. Your team can feel fulfilled and get the opportunities they deserve to succeed in their careers. And your company can launch onto a solid trajectory of progress. 

Schedule your free call today, and let's get you back to feeling excited for what the future might hold.

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